Flexible development


The most important thing in each development project is logically the final price with all the related costs. A number of inputs into each project are fixed, but the majority of the costs depend directly on the method of preparing and managing the whole project, including the methods of development, project management and cost & construction management.

Flexible approach

Getting a good budget for a job as complicated as construction is only possible if an individual approach is taken to each investor and each project. An individual approach enables all unnecessary reserves to be removed and ensures that all project activities will be efficient.

Absolute quality

If a building is of a lower quality, then there will be extra costs during its life cycle that markedly exceed the initial investment saving. The responsible investor cannot therefore afford to take risks with quality; reserves have to be sought elsewhere. Eliminating unnecessary intermediary elements and middlemen means that Flexible Development can be used to achieve the best available quality for ordinary prices.

Faster construction

Flexible development makes use of the experience of the best global producers during project preparation and implementation and the selection of implementation companies. By involving tried-and-tested suppliers that have a great deal of experience with the technologies in question and can communicate rapidly with the producer, huge financial and time savings can be made on site. The whole principle consists of the reasonable redistribution of responsibility and profit amongst the various partners participating in a project.