Fibertex CZ

Application of flexible development

1. Complete change to project – expansion by 200%

After the start of construction of a new plant for Vigona in Svitavy, the company was sold to a strategic investor, Fibertex, a producer of unwoven textiles. Construction then halted and there was a fundamental change in the requirements by the new owner and the future operator of the production plant. The new owner needed to expand the plant's area by a whole 200% to the final 17,500 m². There were also fundamental changes to the requirements for production technology, the architecture of some parts of the building and a significant expansion of the administrative part of the project. Actual offers by all the developers approached for a change to the project and the start of construction were between 8 - 10 months. Thanks to their experience, but also thanks primarily to the non-traditional method of project management we later called Flexible Development, we managed to meet the new owner's impossible-looking development dates and requirements. We started construction work within 3 months and completed the project at the required quality. We could never have done it if we had used standard methods.

2. Significant alteration to project before completion

In addition, we managed, without increasing the budget or extending the completion date, to include a number of changes the investor requested less than 4 months before the planned completion of the building. These were not cosmetic changes, but fundamental ones, such as expanding the capacity of the administrative part by almost 400 m² and changing the architecture of the facades and entrance.

Course of construction

Stage 1 - Vigona

Spring 2003

  • first thoughts about the construction of a production hall for Vigona, a.s.
  • for the investment company Expandia, a.s., before the planned entry of the new strategic partner
  • original design for a 72 x 48 m hall with production facilities

August 2003

  • start of zoning proceedings for the original project

October 2003

  • start of construction

February/March 2004

  • completion of the skeleton

May 2004

  • strategic sale of Vigona, a.s., to a new owner, the Danish company Fibertex
  • suspension of construction work

Stage 2 - Fibertex

May 2004 – June 2004


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