Intelligent housing

Easy Home Motto

The main project motto is contained in its name “easy home” – where it is pleasant to live and spend time.

With regard to its extent the entire project is divided into several stages, which will gradually be realized this year and the following year.

What is the philosophy of the entire project?

The project primarily focuses on residential sector of superstandard and luxury residences with higher added value. Behind its origination you would find unsatisfied demands and needs of several investment and developing companies in the area of residential housing construction in the price category of 60.000,- CZK/m2 of floor space and more. Current demand in this category still exceeds the offer, or in other words the demanding clients do not find corresponding offer in this particular price zone.

The “easy home” project for the first time in the Czech Republic offers a comprehensive and commercially interesting model of intelligent residential housing both for Czech and foreign clientele. Thanks to its modular philosophy it can offer its services also in the so called medium price residential category. The project makes use of all the advantages of the flexible development method with regard to concrete specificities of residential housing construction.

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What does the uniqueness of the project consist in?

he project tries to reflect all the requirements of future users of such residential style; it is not limited only to the state-of-the-art technologies, like other similar projects, but offers a complex solution of modern style of residence – from the essential architectural design across solution of internal climate, day and artificial lighting, acoustics, up to the technical distribution with central control system.

"Elite create for elite" - leading European producers and suppliers were selected for the realization of this task, and got the opportunity to use their best company know-how.

The final verdict, i.e. whether the common effort brought about the desired success, will be pronounced only by the future users of this new style of modern housing.

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