Company focus

Development and construction masterplanning

Quality development is not just about supervising the preparation and course of construction of capital construction projects, but it means standing side-by-side with the investor from when he originates the idea for a new building until the final handing over of the finished building. We are trailblazers for the new principle of Flexible Development, which can, at any moment, adapt to an investor's needs and very rapidly react to all its wishes.

Project management

The correct and thorough application of project management rules is a basic working tool of Flexible Development. Only in this way can we achieve the best results for each project. We see project management as being more open to our strategic partners, who are leading suppliers of construction technology on the European market. With us an investor has a comprehensive overview of a project at any stage and can actively get involved in it, everything is as flexible as possible.

Construction management

We place great emphasis on the technical quality of construction. Our construction management guarantees the use of the best construction materials and technology currently available on the construction market. But we go even further – thanks to our foreign experience, we bring the investor really innovative systematic solutions that guarantee a high use value and offer the best solution for each investor's needs.

Cost management

With us you can invest your money efficiently regardless of whether you want to build a new production facility or just install new technology in a current space. In contrast to price systems of management that control expenditure, using the flexible project management system you have the chance to influence the total price of a project. This system eliminates unpleasant surprises in the form of unexpected extra costs during construction.

Planning supervision

Quality preparation for each project is necessary for its successful completion. In modern buildings more than half the budget is invested in internal facilities. We therefore work with leading architect studios and place special emphasis on technological facilities in each building. Constant supervision of the design work gives us a good basis for the best solutions at a favourable price.

Procurement management

We do not use the traditional method of tenders and do not leave responsibility to a general contractor. Our aim is to select contractors and producers that offer comprehensive systemic solutions and not just a low price. We divide each building into logical units in which the best contractors can, under our careful supervision, make use of their optimum solutions. Our contractors therefore have the chance to offer the best of their know-how.

Expert advice

Our clients may have various wishes – whether this concerns advice when deciding on future construction or specialist consultations during the various stages of construction – we will always try to be close to them and help them with advice or recommendations. We always try to offer several alternatives and to present our flexible approach to resolving a specific problem.